PCCC Job Opening: Director of Operations


The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is seeking an experienced, detail-oriented Director of Operations. This position will work directly with the organization’s two co-founders to manage the day-to-day operations of the organization and its sister entities, including hiring, onboarding, personnel needs, organizational events, and budgeting, among other responsibilities. 

This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits including medical/dental/vision insurance, life insurance, and a 401k plan. Our team is virtual, with staff around the country.


Budget & Finance. Work with accounting team to approve staff expenditures, ensure that revenue and expenses are being tracked, and maintain an ongoing sense of our finances to ensure they are being used strategically and efficiently. Manage and streamline various accounting processes, procedures, and new and ongoing projects in tandem with accounting team. Work with co-founders to set and execute programmatic budgets. Plan and administer annual organizational budget. Coordinate with ADP and handle payroll taxes received in the mail.

Operations. Be the owner of numerous operational priorities, including making sure staff time is entered and tracked to the appropriate entity on a weekly basis; liaising with legal on personnel and financial related matters, oversee financial and compliance contractors to ensure reports and filings are maintained and submitted on time; and be the point person for miscellaneous operational projects such as holiday cards and maintaining various inventories, among others.

Human Resources. Answer questions staff have about health insurance, 401k plan, COBRA / unemployment insurance, where to find organizational resources, etc. This may also involve directly coordinating with healthcare, retirement and corporate insurance providers to enroll employees, secure and maintain employee and organizational coverage, etc.  Coordinate renewals of Health insurance, general liability, D&O and terrorism insurance; workers comp and disability insurance policy. Be the person staff can go to if they have a workplace problem that needs solving.

Personnel Management. As needed, directly manage full-time staff, including but not limited to Special Assistants and departments with only a single employee. Manage the intern program. As needed, manage outside contractors and interns, including executing contracts, tracking start and end dates, and managing their workloads and schedules.

Hiring and Onboarding. Work with the co-founders to identify hiring needs and own the hiring process, including drafting and posting job descriptions, conducting initial interviews, thinking creatively about places and methods to attract the right candidates, and completing the necessary steps to onboard new employees.

Travel & Events. In normal times, plan our staff retreat and election year co-working, where we fly our entire team to one location to work together during the weeks before the election. Manage our presence at conferences like Netroots Nation and the Democratic National Convention (in coordination with others on the team). This could also include being the point of contact for booking travel arrangements for people on our team.

Legal & Financial Reporting. Coordinate lobbying, FEC, and IRS reports with relevant internal and professional contacts to ensure accurate and timely filings. Assist with 1099 preparation yearly.

Internal Communications. Ensure there is coordination and visibility across the various teams at PCCC, including scheduling internal calls to share information and maintaining a strong sense of the work being done by each team. Schedule and facilitate routine staff calls with our entire team.

Virtual Office Management. Effectively manage organization’s tools and resources. Ensure staff have necessary equipment, supplies, and access to what they need for their roles. Keep current organizational calendar for staff leave, key events, important dates, and PCCC holidays.


This position requires a proactive work ethic, sharp attention to detail, and the ability to manage multiple, high-level priorities that make the organization run smoothly. A successful applicant will:

  • Have 7-10 years minimum work experience in an operations, personnel-related, and/or a senior scheduling / Executive Assistant position.
  • Have a working knowledge of c3/c4/PAC compliance.
  • Be highly detail-oriented, precise, organized, and efficient.
  • Demonstrate good judgment, growing into the role to increasingly make independent decisions on personnel and budgetary matters.
  • Manage multiple competing priorities at the same time in a deadline-driven environment.
  • Have a warm, approachable demeanor.
  • Maintain high levels of confidentiality.
  • Have some bookkeeping experience and knowledge of QuickBooks, Intuit, and ADP
  • Have experience with NGP Compliance Reporting and familiarity with FEC Report filings.
  • Have a passion for progressive politics.


To apply, upload your application materials in the upper right of this page.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is dedicated to the achievement of equality of opportunity for all its employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, national origin, or disability status.

About Us

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (BoldProgressives.org) is a million member grassroots organization building power at the local, state and federal levels. It engages in electoral work and issue advocacy work -- fighting on democracy issues and for economic populist priorities like expanding Social Security, Medicare For All, a Green New Deal, student debt cancellation, and Wall Street reform. PCCC has been a proud supporter of Elizabeth Warren since her first run for Senate and was the first national political organization to endorse her for president in the 2020 election. Senator Warren said: "PCCC members were with me since the beginning -- even before there was a beginning! Now, we have lots of work to do together." The PCCC has raised over $29 million in grassroots donations for progressive candidates and committees. It has also trained hundreds of state and local candidates and elected dozens of bold progressives to Congress. 

This position is no longer open.