Join financial titans in telling Congress: Crack down on Wall Street abuses.

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    Wall Street lobbyists want Congress to kill a financial reform proposal that would keep banks from gambling away your money on risky "derivatives." This gambling is what leads to bailouts.

    But two financial titans just shocked Wall Street by writing a letter to Congress telling them to keep this proposal.

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    "Commercial banks are the trusted guardian of depositors' funds...Accordingly, I support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall-type laws to separate higher-risk, often more-leveraged, activities of investment banks from the commercial banking system." (Read full letter here.)

    Signed by:
    Richard Fisher, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
    Thomas Hoenig, President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
    Dean Baker, Co-director, Center for Economic Policy Research (citizen signer)
    Lawrence Mishel, President, Economic Policy Institute (citizen signer)

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    When we hit 10,000 signatures, we'll deliver this statement to top congressional negotiators. We know this makes a difference -- watch Sen. Merkley read our prior petition on the Senate floor!