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    The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is looking for a senior programmer to help build the next generation of tools for political campaigns. You would work with the cofounders to design a new tool, take the lead on implementing and testing it, and coordinate with campaign staff on getting it integrated into campaign life. There's also an opportunity for on-the-ground visits with campaigns to see how technology gets used and what kinds of tools are needed.

    The PCCC is a startup and, like any early startup hire, this job requires a well-rounded programmer. The ideal candidate would be familiar with C as well as comfortable with languages like Python and Ruby. You'll need to build usable front-ends as well as reliable back-ends. And when things break or need to get out the door quickly, you'll be on-call to make sure everything works. We're constantly testing new ideas to see if they're effective, so a strong sense for math and statistics is a real plus. You'll report directly to the cofounders and have other duties as assigned.


    Development of new tools: The Senior Programmer will work with the cofounders to spec out and develop exciting new tools to help political campaigns run more efficiently and effectively. The Senior Programmer will be responsible for taking a tool all the way from idea to product, including design, development, testing, integration, and support.

    Other duties as assigned.


    • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
    • Demonstrated experience and success building software products
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Proven entrepreneurial abilities, creativity and initiative
    • Ability to work efficiently and autonomously
    • Strong commitment to social justice and the progressive movement
    • Knowledge of a major scripting language, like Ruby or Python
    • Solid grasp of applied statistics
    • Experience with C a plus
    • Experience with federal electoral campaigns a definite plus

    Pay and benefits commensurate with experience. Must be comfortable with long, irregular hours, occasional travel, and virtual work environment.

    Telecommuting welcome. We have offices in DC and Cambridge, MA but you can work from anywhere.


    Founded in January 2009, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is an organization dedicated to helping better, bolder progressive candidates get elected. We provide candidates with the tools and knowledge to hit the ground running from Day One. Our cofounders include Adam Green, the former Director of Strategic Campaigns for; Stephanie Taylor, a veteran field organizer with years of experience in the labor movement and Democratic politics. We’re a not-for-profit, one-stop shop for progressive candidates at the state and federal levels.

    We also run advocacy campaigns on prominent issues like health care reform and media accountability. In our first year, we raised over a million dollars to support our advocacy work in small-dollar online donations from our vibrant 400,000-member email list. You can read more about the PCCC at

    PCCC is an equal opportunity employer. Women, people of color, members of the LGBT community, and others are strongly encouraged to apply.


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