We Need A Hero

Will you sign our "we need a hero" petition to Senators Feingold, Sanders, Franken, and Brown right now?

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    Sign our "we need a hero" petition to top progressive senators: 

    "We need a hero -- someone who will fight for the will of the American people by declaring they will only vote for a final bill if it has a public option. That would be change we can believe in."

    UPDATE: Over 15,000 42,000 signers...and growing.

    All we need is one hero.

    If just one brave senator says they will block a final bill without a public option, that will force President Obama and Senator Harry Reid to make a choice. 

    They can either force Joe Lieberman and other corporate Democrats to accept the public option OR they can pass the bill through "reconciliation," a Senate procedure that only needs 51 votes.

    One hero can transform a bill that requires millions of Americans to buy junk products from private insurance companies into a bill that creates real reform and competition for consumers.

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