BREAKING: Republicans Must Denounce Tea Party Violence

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    "Republican politicians like Rand Paul must unequivocally denounce Tea Party violence. Blaming 'both sides' or otherwise ignoring the problem will feed more Tea Party violence."

    Watch the YouTube video below (caution: graphic) -- and add your name to the statement above by clicking on right. We'll tell the media about the growing number of signers. 

    Outside a Senate debate Monday night, a progressive activist named Lauren was thrown to the ground by Tea Party thugs holding "Rand Paul" signs. As one held her down, another stomped her head -- producing an audible crunching sound.

    Rand Paul's Senate campaign put out a statement condemning violence on "both sides." What?? That's NOT ok -- we need accountability, not false equivalency. 

    BREAKING: The thug was Tim Proffitt, a Tea Party leader who worked for Rand Paul! Sign the statement above by clicking "Sign the statement" on the right...

    Rand Paul's county coordinator