Thank You for Signing Up for COTV

Thank you for signing up to Call out the Vote today! We have four shifts today. All shift information is in Eastern Time.

Here are the details:

Shift Start Time Candidate Campaign Login ID Passcode Conference Call Line
10 AM ET Al Franken & Rick Nolan 5018 123456 866-239-0213 or 908-316-8581
10 AM ET MayDay PAC 4834 123456 877-272-7120 or 434-329-7449
12 PM ET Carol Shea-Porter (w/ special guest) 5027 123456 866-239-0213 or 908-316-8581
12 PM ET Paul Clements 4886 123456 877-272-7120 or 434-329-7449
2 PM ET Jeff Merkley 4889 123456 866-239-0213 or 908-316-8581
2 PM ET MayDay PAC 4835 123456 877-272-7120  or 434-329-7449
4 PM ET Bruce Braley 5034 123456 866-239-0213 or 908-316-8581
6 PM ET Mark Udall 5043 123456 866-239-0213 or 908-316-8581
6 PM ET MayDay PAC 4826 123456 877-272-7120 or 434-329-7449
  • Your conference call starts TODAY, November 4, at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, or 6pm. You'll need both a phone and a computer. Training lasts 15 minutes. The shift begins immediately after training, and lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  • Our automated system should call you at the beginning of the shift, but if you miss the call, you can still dial in to the number listed above for your shift. No access code is needed.
  • Congratulations! You are ready for the quick orientation call.
  • On the call we will walk you through how to log-in at, but you can find your login info above. 

Thank you so much for your help! If you can help again, the next available shifts we have are on the right.

Click here for message points about each race that we will share with voters.


Al Franken, Minnesota

Rick Weiland, South Dakota

Mark Udall – Colorado

Jeff Merkley, Oregon

Bruce Braley, Iowa

Shenna Bellows, Maine


Mike Honda, California

Pat Murphy, Iowa

Kelly Westlund, Wisconsin

Thank you for signing up for Call Out the Vote!

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