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Right now we have three important chances for PROGRESSIVE House wins – all in districts where the Democratic candidate is a champion for our fight to secure our democracy from the escalating threat of big money in elections. That’s why Mayday is putting their weight into a campaign with grassroots support from People For the American Way and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

In Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, you can help Call Out The Vote to defeat extreme right-wing Republican incumbent Fred Upton, the powerful Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee--who takes millions from Big Oil and special interests, and then does their bidding.

Weeks ago, Upton may have thought his campaign was coasting to another comfortable victory, but since being targeted by reformers and progressives, the powerful committee Chairman is flailing. He is dodging debates, dumping more than $1 million into last-minute TV ads, and as the Huffington Post reports "Yet some of the major donors behind [MAYDAY] are themselves getting quite the scare…According to people familiar with the situation, [Upton’s] committee staff director and former super lobbyist Gary Andres has spooked Mayday's donors". This has led to an ethics complaint being filed against Upton.

His Democratic opponent Paul Clements is a strong progressive who understands the urgency of undoing the harm of decisions like Citizens United to get the unlimited influence of big money out of our democracy. He'll fight to protect social security and Medicare, and supports Elizabeth Warren's economic populist agenda.

President Obama won Michigan’s 6th District 53% to 45% in 2008 and narrowly lost 49% to 50% in 2012, when Upton won re-election by the smallest margin of his career.

In Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, progressive Staci Appel is running against far-right Republican David Young, whose campaign is funded mostly by DC lobbyists and special interests.

This seat has been left open by retiring Republican Rep. Tom Latham, but a Democrat held the seat before him and President Obama won the district in 2012, making it ripe for a Democratic pickup to decrease and weaken John Boehner’s Tea Party majority.

Both parties consider this one of the top congressional battlegrounds in the nation.

In New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, progressive Carol Shea-Porter is running against Tea Party Republican Frank Guinta.

Guinta has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street and CEO's to do their bidding in the House. He's voted for cuts to Medicare, tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses that ship jobs overseas.

Carol Shea-Porter is the first woman elected to federal office in New Hampshire. She co-sponsored of the Government by the People Act and is a vocal opponent of Citizens United.

You can make a difference in one or all three of these tight races! Sign up for a shift now to help call out the vote!

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