Tell Democrats: Fight for Medicare for All, not tax cuts for corporations.

Cutting corporate taxes is the last thing that will help working families get ahead.

The path to victory for Democrats is to go big and bold on issues that are popular in red, blue, and purple states such as Medicare for All, expanding Social Security, and creating millions of infrastructure jobs.

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Democrats should fight for bold ideas like Medicare for All and creating millions of infrastructure jobs. Not one penny in tax cuts should go to millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

As this tax fight gears up, we’ll remind Democrats of this in the halls of Congress, on the phones, at town hall meetings, on TV and the Internet, and in their district offices.

* We’re proud to be partnering with our friends at Moveon, Indivisible, and The Hub Project to push back against "Democrats" who side with Republicans on huge tax giveaways for corporations.

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