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Target: Bank of America. Support the national "Move Your Money" movement

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Bank of America forged documents to kick people out of their homes. Now, they're charging $60 per year to use debit cards -- padding their profits by another $2 billion.

Americans have had enough. We're "moving our money" away from Bank of America. We're also supporting Rep. Brad Miller's bill in Congress that will tear down barriers that make it harder for people to move their money.

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PETITION: Congress must punish greedy Wall Street actors like Bank of America and make it easier for customers to "move our money."

UPDATE: NY Mayor Bloomberg threatened to evict Occupy Wall Street this morning. We helped fight back -- and won! Watch the news get announced:

UPDATE: We delivered this petition to Occupy Wall Street and thanked them for inspiring this Bank of America campaign. Watch:


Video of our Portland "move your money" event is coming soon!

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