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And listen to our national conference call with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) on these democracy issues. To see highlights, see timestamps below.

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Audio timestamps:

0:01 – PCCC co-founder Adam Green describes how we started working with Senator Whitehouse.

4:52 – Adam Green describes the 5-part Take Back Democracy agenda.

8:18 – Sen. Whitehouse thanks PCCC members and talks about grassroots involvement in Disclose Act fight.

9:45 – Sen. Whitehouse describes how campaign finance isn’t just a process issue. Special-interest influence impacts all issues we care about.

13:45 – Question #1 (from Adam Green): How do campaign donations from the oil-billionaire Koch brothers impact how Congress deals with environmental issues?

17:28 – Question #2 (Keith from Rhode Island): What are the next steps on the Disclose Act?

20:46 – Question #3 (Melanie from Rhode Island): How will campaign finance issues impact Rhode Island?

24:14 – Question #4 (Paul from Huffington Post): Why did Sen. John McCain vote against the Disclose Act?

27:49 – Question #5 (James via Twitter): Is the filibuster the greatest roadblock to the Disclose Act?

29:57 – Question #6 (Dave via email): Where do we stand in Congress in sending a constitutional amendment to the states in order to overturn Citizens United?

33:04 – Question #7 (Miles from California): Given many proposed constitutional amendments, what efforts are there to unite people around one?

33:10 – Question #8 (Nicole from Michigan): What are some of the grassroots things we can do to keep this going?

38:24 – Question #9 (Greg from ABC News): Any thoughts on FEC’s Friday decision to consider allegations against Karl Rove’s group?

42:35 – Question #10 (Adam Green): Elizabeth Warren will give prime-time DNC speech. On a scale of 1 to 10, how inspiring will it be?

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