SIGN ON: Government By The People Act

SIGN ON: Government By The People Act

The Supreme Court's terrible Citizen's United and McCutcheon decisions have made the need for campaign finance reform more urgent than ever.

That's why we're making it a big 2014 election issue by getting members of Congress and candidates on the record for reform and campaigning on the issue.

The Government By The People Act will create public financing of congressional campaigns and fits within the Supreme Court's decisions.

Sign on as a citizen co-sponsor on the right, and tell us how you can help make big political reform a 2014 election issue.

Petition to Congress: We demand a government that is accountable to all of us, not just wealthy donors. I support the Government By The People Act (H.R. 20), which reduces the influence of big-money campaign donors by amplifying the voices of all Americans. As a citizen co-sponsor, I urge my representative to be a leader in working to pass this critical bill.


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