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Right-wing media is attacking progressive University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis for a tweet about the NRA and his university is not standing behind him. The scholars at the progressive blog Crooked Timber have organized a letter standing up for Loomis. 

Can you join the other professors and stand up for academic freedom? Add your name to the letter supporting Erik Loomis.

"We insist that the University of Rhode Island take a strong stand for the values of academic freedom and freedom of speech, that it not be intimidated by an artificially whipped-up media frenzy, that it affirm that the protections of the First Amendment require our collective enforcement, and that all employers—particularly, in this kind of case, university employers—have a special obligation to see that freedom of speech become a reality of everyday life."

Chris Bertram, University of Bristol
Harry Brighouse, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Michael Bérubé, The Pennsylvania State University
Henry Farrell, George Washington University
Kieran Healy, Duke University
Jon Mandle, SUNY Albany
John Quiggin, University of Queensland
Eric Rauchway, University of California Davis
Corey Robin, Brooklyn College
Brian Weatherson, University of Michigan

The organizers will deliver signatures to University of Rhode Island administrators.

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