Share your story if you or someone you know would be hurt by Trump's proposed budget cuts.

 Elevating personal stories to reporters and members of Congress can have a huge impact on the national debate.

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    If you or someone you know would be affected by Trump's budget proposals in these key areas, let us know. (Check all that apply. A box will appear so you can share your story. *Stories may be shared publicly.)

    Cuts to Meals on Wheels
    Cuts to heating and energy assistance for seniors
    Cuts to student aid
    Cuts to support for low-income mothers and children
    Cuts to public broadcasting
    Cuts to environmental protections
    Cuts to disease research
    Cuts to regional & rural economic investments
    Cuts to transportation grants
    Cuts to funding for the arts
    Funding for the border wall and deportation

    Would you or someone you know be hurt by the Republican health care plan or benefit from a progressive Medicare for All policy?


    The Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision said that corporations can control their female employees' health care decisions. Would that potentially impact you?


    Have you been hurt by or had to fight a predatory debt-collector, payday lender, student loan provider, credit card company, or other bank or financial company?


    How much?