Sen. Dorgan, don't retire!

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    "Senator Dorgan -- don't retire! We need people like you in the Senate, fighting for the little guy against corporate power. Please keep fighting for us, and we'll fight for you."

    GOAL: 1,000 signers. UPDATE: We beat our goal - let's keep going! We will deliver your signature and note directly to Byron Dorgan.

    Amazing video: Dorgan predicts the 2009 financial crisis 10 years ago:

    Byron L. Dorgan

    Dorgan predicted the financial crisis 10 years ago. As he fought Wall Street deregulation, Dorgan specifically warned colleagues about "too big to fail."

    Dorgan fought the pharmaceutical industry. In December, he fought for lower-priced prescription drugs even when fellow Democrats (including the President) refused.

    Dorgan protected Internet freedom from telecom companies. Dorgan was the lead defender of Net Neutrality. Thanks in large part to him, your phone or cable company can't pick which websites open properly on your computer.