Emergency Petition to Google: Don't be evil - stand up for the free and open Internet

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    BREAKING UPDATE (Mon, Aug 9, 1:35pm): Google just proposed new rules that allow for discrimination on the Internet -- killing Net Neutrality and the Internet as we know it.

    We can't let big corporations take control of the Internet. Join 300,000 others in signing our letter to Google pressuring them to back out of this deal and keep the Internet a level playing field for all.

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    Dear Google,

    As a Google user, I am telling you, 'Don't be evil.' The deal between Google and Verizon is evil, because it threatens the open Internet, which hundreds of millions of people rely on every day. Live up to your founding motto, walk away from this deal and save the Internet.


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    We'll continue delivering your signatures directly to Google to make sure they get the message as part of this ongoing campaign to save the Internet. The more people who sign the open letter, the more Google will know their users want them to live up to their brand and stop being evil.

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