Tell NY Dems: Don't kill Wall Street accountability!

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    BREAKING NEWS: The Huffington Post reports that New York Democrats, led by Rep. Gary Ackerman, are threatening to torpedo the Wall Street accountability bill unless it goes easy on their Wall Street contributors!

    "Those of us in New York represent not only Main Street, but Wall Street as well," Ackerman told HuffPo. During his career, Ackerman took over $365,000 in campaign contributions from the securities and investment sector.

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    PETITION TO NEW YORK DEMS: Wall Street wrecked our economy and threw millions out of work. Don't you dare side with wealthy bankers over the people who voted for you.


    Ackerman opposes prohibiting banks from gambling away your deposits on risky "derivatives." This is just common sense -- banks shouldn't be able to gamble for their own profit with our money and then demand taxpayers bail them out when they lose.

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