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    Bill Clinton is coming to Arkansas Friday and Blanche Lincoln is trying to use his visit to win votes. But a lot of people who once saw Bill Clinton as an inspiring rising star now feel that way about Bill Halter.


    "I supported Bill Clinton -- and I support Bill Halter."

    We'll share some of the notes that people write with the media, so that's reflected in news reports about Clinton's Arkansas visit.

    I supported Bill Clinton -- and I'm supported Bill Halter


    "Bill Clinton gave us hope for change then. Bill Halter gives us hope for much needed change now." -- Greg Starling, Fayetteville, AR

    "Bill Clinton was the right man for his time. Now it is Halter's time. Now is when we need him in the US Senate." -- Meredith Nisbet, Arkadelphia, AR

    "Bill Clinton supported health care reform. So does Bill Halter. Blanche Lincoln doesn't." -- Patrick Kellycooper, Sherwood, AR

    "I support Bill Halter because of his support for working class Arkansans. Bill Clinton originated from these working class roots. How could he support someone who helped kill the public option necessary for genuine healthcare reform?" -- Sandra Trent, Elkins, AR 

    "It's the same concept: Someone who will shake things up. Someone who won't forget who he's representing. Someone who will work for us and for the good of the nation, and won't be easily swayed by corporate bribes. Bill Halter IS this generation's Bill Clinton." -- Austin Ross, Fayetteville, AR

    "President Clinton tried to pass the kind of health care reform that would benefit the most people, just like Lieutenant Governor Halter wants. Senator Lincoln has opposed such necessary reform." -- Samuel Kauffman, Little Rock, AR

    "Bill Halter is a true champion for progressive change in this country. He will fight against corporate money and influence, the influence that has consistency paid for Blanche Lincoln's support. Shame on Bill Clinton for siding with Lincoln. My support for Clinton is now seriously eroded." -- Mark Schlagel, Cherokee Village, AR