Stop Bailout Ben

Tell the Senate we need a Federal Reserve Chair who will help us, not big banks. Sign our petition:

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    This Thursday, Dec. 3, the Senate Banking Committee will consider whether to confirm Ben Bernanke -- who was appointed by George W. Bush -- to another four-year term as Chair of the Federal Reserve. Please sign our petition to stop Bailout Ben.


    We need a Federal Reserve Chair who puts Main Street before Wall Street. Giving another 4 years to George W. Bush's failed policies is not change we can believe in. We demand someone who will fight for us, not the banks.

    The Ben Bernanke Record:

    Under Ben Bernanke's watch, the Federal Reserve turned over trillions of dollars in bailouts to big Wall Street banks and didn't demand accountability in return. And Bernanke still refuses to tell Congress how those trillions of dollars were used. Here's more about his record:

    It's time for a change. Not more Bush-Bernanke policies. Please sign the petition above.