Where's Chris Christie? Everywhere but solving problems in New Jersey...

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    Dec 28: Vacationing in Disney World instead of being in New Jersey during the massive blizzard. Citation: Christie, NJ

    Sept 22-23: Stumping for Republican candidates in California and New Mexico instead of being in NJ for a key hearing on Race to the Top education funding. Citation: Christie, NJ

    Oct 24: Holding a rally for Republicans in Massachusetts instead of being in New Jersey when a critical decision was needed on the Hudson River tunnel. Citation: Christie, NJ

    Oct 4-5: Campaigning for Republicans in Iowa and Illinois instead of being in NJ for the massive transportation shut-down crisis. Citation: Christie (IA), Christie (IL), NJ

    Sept 28: Campaigning for Republicans in Ohio. Citation: Christie

    Oct 11: Stumping for Republican candidates in Pennsylvania. Citation: Christie

    Oct 29: Campaigning for Republican candidates in Michigan. Citation: Christie

    Oct 15: Stumping for Republicans in Connecticut. Citation: Christie

    Aug 1 - 15: Vacationing at Island Beach State Park and a 6 day road trip to baseball games. Citation: Christie


    Liberal Washington group launches campaign criticizing Gov. Christie's whereabouts -- STAR LEDGER

    Liberal Group Takes Aim at Christie for Snowstorm Response -- NATIONAL CBS

    On heels of snowstorm, progressive group goes after Christie -- POLITICKERNJ

    Liberal group targets N.J. Gov. Christie over snow vacation -- THE HILL 

    Progressive group pans Christie’s travels in online campaign -- ASBURY PARK PRESS

    ‘Where's Christie’ website launched -- NEW JERSEY NEWSROOM

    PCCC Action: Where's Christie? Everywhere but solving problems in New Jersey -- BLUE JERSEY

    Site criticizes NJ governor's trip during blizzard -- WASHINGTON POST

    Christie Slammed for Going AWOL in Snowstorm -- ALTERNET

    Liberal group launches online campaign critical of vacationing Christie -- BERGEN RECORD 

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