FCC breaks Obama's promise on Net Neutrality: 3 things you need to know

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    BREAKING: Minutes ago, the FCC -- led by Obama appointee Julius Genachowski -- sold out Net Neutrality and the future of free speech online. The rules -- written by Comcast and AT&T, the companies the FCC is supposed to regulate -- broke Obama's campaign promise1 and allow corporate censorship. 

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    1: Corporate censorship is allowed on your phone

    The rules passed today by Obama FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski absurdly create different corporate censorship rules for wired and wireless Internet, allowing big corporations like Comcast to block websites they don't like on your phone -- a clear failure to fulfill Net Neutrality and put you, the consumer, in control of what you can and can't do online.2

    2: Online tollbooths are allowed, destroying innovation

    The rules passed today would allow big Internet Service Providers like Verizon and Comcast to charge for access to the "fast lane." Big companies that could afford to pay these fees like Google or Amazon would get their websites delivered to consumers quickly, while independent newspapers, bloggers, innovators, and small businesses would see their sites languish in the slow lane, destroying a level playing field for competition online and clearly violating Net Neutrality.3

    3: The rules allow corporations to create "public" and "private" Internets, destroying the one Internet as we know it

    For the first time, these rules would embrace a "public Internet" for regular people vs. a "private Internet" with all the new innovations for corporations who pay more -- ending the Internet as we know it and creating tiers of free speech and innovation, accessible only if you have pockets deep enough to pay off the corporations.4


    The FCC could have reclassified and regulated these greedy corporations in an enforceable way, but instead, they sold out. This isn't Net Neutrality, this is a historic mistake.

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