Here's how you can help stop the Republican war on working families

Join our fight for working families in Wisconsin:

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    Step 1: If you're from Wisconsin, call your State Senator at 1-877-753-5578

    Step 2: Sign up on the right to join PCCC and DFA's ongoing Wisconsin campaign for working families

    Step 3: Donate $3 to keep this powerful new TV ad on the air in Wisconsin -- click here

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    "The most pointed, stand-with-the-people-who-work-for-a-living ad that we have seen for a very long time." -- Rachel Maddow

    "The ad is beautiful film making. I’m really quite struck by it." -- Lawrence O'Donnell

    "Pro-working groups, they are fighting back!" -- Ed Schultz

    Other Wisconsin activism:

    Robo-calls asking Wisconsin voters if they support recalling Republican senators from office -- click here to listen.

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    Wisconsin Senate Democrats joined thousands of grassroots activists on a call and vowed to fight. Listen here!

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