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    Net Neutrality champs

    Giant corporations want to take over the Internet. But over 95 bold Democratic candidates are going "on offense" -- promising to protect Net Neutrality!

    Join thousands of "citizen signers" of the bold Net Neutrality statement made by these candidates -- sign on the right.


    "I believe in protecting Net Neutrality - the First Amendment of the Internet. The open Internet is a vital engine for free speech, economic opportunity, and civic participation in the 21st century. I stand with millions of working families and small businesses against any attempt by big corporations to control the Internet and eliminate the Internet's level playing field. In Congress, I'll fight to protect Net Neutrality for the entire Internet - wired and wireless - and make sure big corporations aren’t allowed to take control of free speech online. Mark me down as a 21st century Internet champion!"

    95 bold Democrats signed, including:

    • Senate candidates Jack Conway (KY), Joe Sestak (PA), Scott McAdams (AK), Roxanne Conlin (IA), Lee Fisher (OH), Alexi Giannoulias (IL), Paul Hodes (NH), Elaine Marshall (NC), and others.
    • House candidates like Ann McLane Kuster (NH), Joe Garcia (FL),
      Joyce Elliott (AR), Ami Bera (CA), Steve Pougnet (CA), Stephanie Moore (KS), Raj Goyle (KS), Bill Hedrick (CA), Tarryl Clark (MN), Rob Miller (SC), Julie Lassa (WI), and others.
    • After you sign on the right, we'll email you the full list.