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Right now, some of our top targeted bold progressives are running just 1 or 2 points behind. That's just 10,000 to 20,000 votes.

To put it into perspective, we made over 15,000 calls for Alan Grayson in just one night. These calls can make the difference in tight races!

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U.S. Senate

Jeff Merkley

Jeff Merkley is one of the boldest leaders in the Senate because he isn't afraid to take on the big fights like breaking up the big banks, expanding Social Security benefits, defending our privacy, and fighting to ensure Senate rules represent the will of the people.

Before it was acceptable or polite, Jeff Merkley sparked a debate in Washington about the paralyzing effects of the filibuster and began a campaign to reform it. His one-man crusade resulted in a major step forward last year, when the Senate ended filibusters for nominees. That's a big chapter in the history of bold progressivism.

Jeff's attracted attention for taking on big progressive fights -- killing predatory mortgages, signing onto bold campaign finance reform, and taking on industrial giant Monsanto. Elizabeth Warren even called Jeff her "mentor and ally" in their fight to hold Wall Street accountable.

Mark Udall

Senator Mark Udall of Colorado has pledged to never cut Social Security benefits and he supports Elizabeth Warren's bold plans to reduce student debt, increase the minimum wage, and fight for middle class families against powerful interests.

Senator Udall is one of the strongest fighters in the Senate for privacy protections and holding the CIA accountable.

The most recent Denver Post/Survey USA poll shows him down by 2 points against his Republican opponent.

We know control of the Senate could boil down to a single race, so we have little margin for error. Elizabeth Warren's progressive ally, Senator Mark Udall of Colorado, needs to win. The Republicans are attacking him with all they've got, and we must protect him as part of our "Progressive Firewall" against a Republican takeover of the Senate.

Rick Weiland

The PCCC and Elizabeth Warren backed Rick Weiland early on because we knew we could count on him to be a strong voice for everyday people -- whether it's protecting and expanding Social Security for our seniors, making college more affordable, or fighting to take back our democracy from big-money interests.

Rick Weiland is running for Senate to “Take It Back!” from big-money interests. Rick stated that the first bill he would introduce in the Senate would be a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous Citizens United ruling -- and that promise is printed on the back of his business card.

Shenna Bellows

Shenna Bellows is former Executive Director of the Maine ACLU and played a leading role in Maine's marriage equality fight.

Shenna believes in repealing the Patriot Act, expanding Social Security, addressing climate change, and holding Wall Street accountable.

Susan Collins has voted against veterans, against seniors, and against strong Wall Street reform. She's no champion for civil liberties. And she just came out against the president's proposal to raise the minimum wage.

U.S. House

Kelly Westlund

Kelly is a City Councilwoman and small-business owner in the little town of Ashland. She was raised in a military family and her husband, Caleb, is a carpenter and avid hunter.

We are proud to help prepare her campaign launch and endorse Kelly from Day One because she is an economic populist who will stand up for everyday working families against powerful interests.

Her opponent, Republican Sean Duffy, says he “struggles” to live on $174,000 a year. Meanwhile, he wants to cut Social Security, cut food programs for kids, and give billions in tax breaks to oil companies.

Mike Honda

Honda beat his corporate Democrat challenger by double-digits in the Democratic Primary. Now he faces the same challenger again in November.

Congressman Mike Honda is one of the boldest members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, he joined Alan Grayson in promising to vote against any cuts to Social Security — and was one of the first to support expanding Social Security benefits.

U.S. Election Watch reported Honda's opponent "refused to commit to expanding Social Security benefits, saying he wouldn’t rule out cutting them for future recipients."

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