PETITION: Give President Obama’s Supreme Court Nomination an Up or Down Vote

We just delivered 1,500,000 petition signatures of PCCC members and progressives from all the organizations below.

Hitting 2,000,000 petition signatures will show the media that Americans will not back down -- and will increase the pressure our next round of petition deliveries will create on vulnerable Senate Republicans.

Help reach 2,000,000 by signing the petition on this page.


Every senator should call for an up or down vote on President Obama's nomination for Supreme Court. Republicans are free to vote yes or no, but should not obstruct our democracy from moving forward.

Our grassroots activism is working. Several vulnerable Senate Republicans have softened or reversed their position after home-state pressure.

The signatures were collected by the PCCC, MoveOn Civic Action, Credo Action, Color Of Change, Demand Progress, People for the American Way, Every Voice, Common Cause, UltraViolet, Organizing for Action, Daily Kos, NextGen Climate, the Sierra Club, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and other groups.

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