SIGN: Congress should adopt Elizabeth Warren's plan to protect our elections.

Elizabeth Warren says allowing Americans to vote from home in the general election is "obvious" but not enough:

WARREN: "Congress should go further -- by requiring all states to mail every registered voter a ballot with pre-paid postage and a self-sealing envelope, and mandating that they waive absentee ballot requirements that undermine social distancing guidelines, such as requirements that absentee voters submit copies of their IDs or include a notary or witness signature with their mail-in ballot."

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Congress should adopt Elizabeth Warren's plan to protect our elections in the next coronavirus relief bill, including requiring states to automatically send absentee ballots to all voters and prioritizing national vote by mail.

We cannot allow Trump and Republican politicians to use the coronavirus pandemic to steal our elections by forcing people to choose between voting and their own safety. It's time for Democrats in Congress to put forward a real plan to protect every person's right to vote.

Democrats in Congress must hear that this is a top priority for the American people. The more people who sign the petition, the more that Congress and the media will have to pay attention.

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