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WATCH: Our new TV ad pressures TV news directors to take responsibility and STOP live-coverage of Trump's dangerous, lie-filled coronavirus briefings.

NBC's Brian Williams basically admitted the networks are hurting America by broadcasting Trump's daily rants live. There's no reason for any legitimate TV network to keep covering these daily briefings live, where millions of people see them with no challenges or fact-checking.

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MSNBC, CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC should publicly commit to stop airing Trump speaking live at his lie-filled coronavirus "briefings." In the middle of a pandemic, spreading his blatant misinformation to millions of Americans will have deadly consequences.

Trump's daily briefings have turned into a dangerous torrent of lies and misinformation. He is not about to stop lying. It's up to the networks to take responsibility, and STOP covering his propaganda.

After you sign, we'll give you more ways to put direct pressure on TV bigwigs to stop covering Trump's lie-filled coronavirus "briefings" live.

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