SIGN THE PETITION: Fox knowingly spread misinformation. Kick it out of the White House press pool.

Court documents show that Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch admitted under oath that prominent Fox hosts knowingly spread false information narratives about election fraud in 2020 -- and that he had the power to stop it, and didn’t.

Murdoch also admitted that he colluded with Jared Kushner to provide the Trump campaign with confidential information about Biden campaign ads and debate strategy.

Fox knowingly lied to its millions of viewers, and it continues to spread false conspiracies that have already led to violence. Fox is not a news network -- it’s a propaganda arm of the far-right.

Fox should be held accountable, under the law and by their peers in actual news organizations. That’s why we’re calling on the White House Correspondents’ Association to remove them from the press pool.

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Fox is an outlet that knowingly lies to viewers and spreads misinformation that has led to violence. An outlet peddling misinformation should not be recognized as legitimate by the White House Correspondents’ Association. It must be removed from the press pool immediately.

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