PETITION: Tell Fred Upton to donate his money from big polluters to cleanup efforts

Tuesday, a local news outlet reported there had been a "major pipeline spill" in Michigan.

This happened in the district of House Energy Chair Fred Upton, who has taken $2,091,236 from big oil, gas, and other energy interests -- and then voted with the polluters.

The Los Angeles Times calls Upton one of the "biggest threats to Planet Earth on Planet Earth." 

Sign our petition to Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI):

PETITION: "Give the $2,091,236 you have taken from big polluters to local cleanup efforts. And represent your constituents -- stop voting with your big-money donors."

Just a couple years ago, the equivalent of the BP oil spill happened on the Kalamazoo River in Upton's backyard. But he kept voting with big-money polluters. It's time to take action...

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