PETITION: Tell Fred Upton to donate his money from big polluters to cleanup efforts

BIG NEWS: "There has been a major gas line rupture" in Michigan, reports a local news outlet.

This happened in your area and the district of House Energy Chair Fred Upton. He took $2,091,236 from big oil, gas, and other energy interests -- and then voted with them.

The Los Angeles Times calls Upton one of the "biggest threats to Planet Earth on Planet Earth." 

Sign our petition to Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI):

PETITION: "Give the $2,091,236 you have taken from big polluters to local cleanup efforts. And represent your constituents -- stop voting with your big-money donors."

Just a couple years ago, the equivalent of the BP oil spill happened on the Kalamazoo River in your area. But Upton kept voting with big-money polluters and against you. It's time to take action...

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