Guide: How Professors and Students Can Turn Ideas Into Law

Listen to our call on how professors and students can take on student debt. Then tell us what you'd like to do at your school.

Click here to download a step-by-step guide for working with students at your school.  

The guide breaks down the process for taking an idea from the classroom into law. We've also included model legislation on student debt, resources for researching debt in your state, and how to connect with legislators.

Some of this may seem daunting or unfamiliar. We're here to help. The PCCC has several significant resources to support you:

  • A network of 10,000 professors across the country. 
  • Connections with activist groups and state legislators. 
  • Political and strategic expertise on crafting legislative campaigns.

Download the guide. Then signup on the right -- we'll contact you to craft a plan.

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