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Petition: Stop funding ALEC!

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BREAKING: Walmart, Amazon and now Johnson & Johnson have dropped ALEC over ALEC's union-busting, voter-suppression agenda. That makes 38 corporations and non-profit funders -- plus 49 elected Democrats -- that have dumped ALEC.  

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PETITION: "Stop supporting the American Legislative Exchange Council -- which spearheads state voter-disenfranchisement laws, union-busting laws, and the 'Shoot First' law that let Trayvon Martin's killer go free."

Coverage of the PCCC protesting just before Amazon dumped ALEC: 
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49 Democratic State lawmakers have dropped ALEC! 49 down, 42 to go! Click to expand the full list.

We are working with civil rights group ColorOfChange, Credo Action, Progress Now, and others on this growing petition. Click to expand the full list of funders who have dropped ALEC so far.

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