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49 ALEC Democrats have dropped their affiliation with ALEC's union-busting, voter-suppression agenda -- 49 down, 42 to go! This is in addition to the 38 corporations and foundations who've dumped ALEC in recent weeks. Sign below to keep the momentum going!

PETITION: "Stop supporting the American Legislative Exchange Council -- which spearheads state voter-disenfranchisement laws, union-busting laws, and the 'Shoot First' law that let Trayvon Martin's killer go free." Sign on the right.

49 Democratic State lawmakers have dropped ALEC:

  1. Sen. Eddie Lucio – TX (citation)
  2. Sen. Carlos Uresti – TX (citation)
  3. Sen. John Whitmire – TX (citation)
  4. Sen. Nan Orrock - GA (citation)
  5. Rep. Mike Colona - MO (citation)
  6. Sen. Danielle Conrad - NE (citation)
  7. Sen. Ken Haar - NE (citation)
  8. Sen. Heath Mello - NE (citation)
  9. Sen. Jeremy Nordquist - NE (citation)
  10. Rep. Robert Theberge - NH (email on file with PCCC)
  11. Sen. George Muñoz - NM (citation)
  12. Rep. Harry Readshaw - PA (citation)
  13. Sen. John J. Tassoni Jr. - RI (citation)
  14. Sen. Walter Felag - RI (citation)
  15. Rep. Ted Vick - SC (citation)
  16. Rep. Alma Allen - TX (citation)
  17. Rep. Armando Martinez - TX (citation)
  18. Rep. Dawnna Dukes - TX (citation)
  19. Rep. Hubert Vo - TX (citation)
  20. Rep. Harold Dutton - TX (citation)
  21. Rep. Chente Quintanilla - TX (citation)
  22. Rep. Eddie Rodriguez - TX (citation)
  23. Rep. José Menéndez - TX (citation)
  24. Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon - TX (citation)
  25. Rep. Eric Johnson - TX (citation)
  26. Rep. Tracy O. King - TX (citation)
  27. Rep. Ryan Guillen - TX (citation)
  28. Rep. Jennifer M. Seelig - UT (citation)
  29. Rep. Kevin Van De Wege - WA (citation)
  30. Rep. Troy Kelley - WA (citation)
  31. Sen. Brian Hatfield - WA (citation)
  32. Rep. Mary Flowers - IL - email on file with PCCC
  33. Rep. Brandon Phelps - IL - email on file with PCCC
  34. Rep. Brian Quirk - IA - (citation)
  35. Sen. Kathy W. Stein - KY - (citation)
  36. Sen. Ray S. Jones, II - KY - (citation)
  37. Sen. Tim Shaughnessy - KY - (citation)
  38. Sen. Denise Harper Angel - KY - (citation)
  39. Rep. Nick Kotik - PA - (citation)
  40. Rep. Ted Harhai - PA - (citation)
  41. Rep. William Keller - PA - (citation)
  42. Rep. Joseph Markosek - PA - (citation)
  43. Rep. Joseph Petrarca - PA - (citation)
  44. Rep. Curtis Thomas - PA - (citation)
  45. Sen. Lisa Boscola - PA - (citation)
  46. Sen. Leanna Washington - PA - (citation)
  47. Sen. Anthony Williams - PA - (citation)
  48. Rep. David Shepard (D-69) - TN - email on file with PCCC
  49. Sen. John Hastert - WY - email on file with PCCC

Excerpts from ALEC Democrat resignation statements:
"I’ve fought against the Voter ID law. I voted against Amendment One and continue to fight it every day. I fought against Republican efforts to place limitations on a woman’s right to choose... ALEC has become too partisan. Because of that, I am announcing my resignation from ALEC." -- State Senator Don Vaughan - NC
"And I most definitely do not support ALEC going after unions and promoting restriction of voting rights.  In my opinion, it is reprehensible that any American’s voting rights should be at risk in this country in 2012.  I did not renew my membership and I have no plans to attend any future conference." 
-- State Senator Brian Hatfield - WA
"It is true that I was a member of ALEC several years ago. My intention was to bring forth a different perspective on issues. However, I quickly learned that the voice, of what I believed to be reason, did not prevail. I was also concerned about the make-up of the members where businesses and corporations had a direct voice and vote on national issues. In particular, pressure was placed on members to put forth legislation and provided with boiler plates for legislation to that end. In conclusion, I am no longer a member of ALEC, nor do I support their views. Please insure that my name is not longer associated with ALEC."
-- State Rep. Robert Theberge - NH
“As a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council for several years, having joined ALEC with the primary goal of better understanding the corporate-dominated organization, I know first-hand that ALEC is not the innocuous organization it claims to be... ALEC is underwritten by corporate dollars to push corporate financial interests that disadvantage middle-class and working families. This group enrolls state legislators to promote its radical legislation in state after state, creating the false illusion of public support for its dangerous agenda. ALEC promotes legislation that suppresses voter participation, undermines state budgets and services, and impedes democracy.” -- State Senator Nan Orrock - GA

Democrats still affiliated with ALEC (citation):
  1. Rep. Richard Laird (D-37) - AL
  2. Rep. Barry Hyde (D-40) - AR
  3. Rep. Robert Moore (D-12) - AR
  4. Sen. Jimmy L. Jeffress (D-24) - AR
  5. Sen. Jerry Taylor (D-23) - AR
  6. Rep. E. Bradford Bennett (D-32) - DE
  7. Sen. Frank Mrvan, Jr. (D-1) - IN
  8. Rep. Ruth Palumbo (D-76) - KY
  9. Rep. Dorsey Ridley (D-4) - KY
  10. Sen. Julian M. Carroll (D-7) - KY
  11. Sen. Joey Pendleton (D-3) - KY
  12. Sen. Walter Blevins, Jr (D-27) - KY
  13. Sen. Gerald A. Neal (D-33) - KY
  14. Rep. John Anders (D-21) - LA
  15. Rep. Jeff Arnold (D-102) - LA
  16. Rep. Elton Aubert (D-58) - LA
  17. Rep. Damon J. Baldone; (D-53) - LA
  18. Rep. Jean Doerge (D-10) - LA
  19. Rep. James R. Fannin (D-13) - LA
  20. Rep. Girod Jackson (D-87) - LA
  21. Rep. Harvey LeBas (D-38) - LA
  22. Rep. Walter Leger, III (D-91) - LA
  23. Rep. Christopher J. Roy, Jr. (D-25) - LA
  24. Sen. Willie Mount (D-27) - LA
  25. Sen. Ben Wayne Nevers, Sr. (D-12) - LA
  26. Sen. Francis Thompson (D-34) - LA
  27. Rep. Harriett L. Stanley (D-2) - ALEC State Chair- MA
  28. Rep. Bill Brisson (D-22) - NC
  29. Rep. Bill Owens (D-1) - NC
  30. Rep. Kris Edward Roberts (D-3) - NH
  31. Rep. Michael Stinziano (D-25) - OH
  32. Rep. Jabar Shumate (D-73) - OK
  33. Rep. Jon D. Brien (D-50), ALEC State Chair - RI
  34. Sen. V. Susan Sosnowski (D-37) - RI
  35. Sen. Paul Fogarty (D-23) - RI
  36. Rep. James A. Battle, Jr. (D-57) - SC
  37. Rep. Jimmy C. Bales (D-80) - SC
  38. Sen. Kent M. Williams (D-30) - SC
  39. Rep. Joseph Armstrong (D-15) - TN
  40. Sen. Reginald Tate (D-33) - TN
  41. Sen. Ophelia Ford (D-29) - TN
  42. Del. Johnny S. Joannou (D-79) - VA

Corporations and non-profit funders that have left ALEC:

  1. General Electric
  2. Western Union
  3. Sprint Nextel
  4. Symantec
  5. Reckitt Benckiser Group
  6. Entergy
  7. Amgen
  8. General Motors
  9. Walgreens
  10. CVS
  11. John Deere
  12. BestBuy
  13. MillerCoors
  14. Hewlett-Packard
  15. Dell
  16. Johnson & Johnson
  17. Walmart
  18. Medtronics
  20. Lumina Foundation for Education
  21. Scantron
  22. National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA)
  23. Kaplan
  24. National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
  25. Proctor & Gamble
  26. Yum! Brands, owner of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut
  27. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  28. American Traffic Solutions
  29. Reed Elsevier
  30. Arizona Public Service
  31. Mars, Inc.
  32. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  33. Intuit
  34. Wendy's
  35. McDonald'a
  36. Kraft Foods
  37. PepsiCo
  38. Coca-Cola

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