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Call out the vote! Call voters to help bold progressive Ilya Sheyman win

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Ilya Sheyman is leading in the Illinois-10 Democratic congressional primary against a conservative businessman. But he'll only win if these voters show up on election day.

Our Call Out The Vote program lets you make calls to these voters in Ilya's district from your home, and it's easy to use.

Can you help Ilya win on March 20? Sign up for a call shift on the right! (You can also donate to Ilya here.) 

After you sign up for a shift, check out Ilya's most recent debate performance where he stands up for bold progressive leadership!

Click here to learn more about Ilya and see poll results.

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Calling Questions

What do I need to call voters from home?
All you need to call voters is a phone, a computer, an Internet connection, a modern web browser (click here to install one for free), and the Flash plugin (click here to install it for free).

How long are shifts?
Call shifts are two hours long. We ask you stay for the entire shift.

How does the system work?
You'll be trained on the system at the beginning of your shift, before you start making calls. In a nutshell, it uses your computer and your phone at the same time (or a computer and a computer headset, if you choose) to call voters for you. You don't have to dial numbers, and the system screens out dead lines and answering machines, making efficient use of your time.