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All 3 Democratic presidential candidates, and nearly 100 members of Congress, have endorsed debt-free college.

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PETITION: We the undersigned urge all Democratic candidates to make debt-free college and other "big ideas" central to their 2016 campaigns.

Our activism together is pushing "big ideas" to the center of the 2016 debate.

  • In January, PCCC members voted for debt-free college as a top "big idea."
  • In February and March, we lobbied Congress.
  • In April, we announced 5,000 Democratic leaders who were Ready For Boldness in 2016, including big ideas like debt-free college.
  • Then we announced the debt-free college resolution, which now has nearly 100 co-sponsors in the House and Senate.
  • All 3 Democratic presidential candidates have now endorsed debt-free college.

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