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Protect your privacy! Learn how to protect your privacy before Google's changes take effect on March 1

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In just a few hours, Google will put into place new privacy policies. Gizmodo reports, "things you could do in relative anonymity today, will be explicitly associated with your name, your face, your phone number come March 1st." 

If you don't act today, all your past searches and activity will be retroactively applied. Here's how to change that in less than a minute:

1. Sign into your Google account.

2. Go to (clicking will open in new tab)

3. Click "remove all Web History."

4. Click "ok."

Note that removing your Web History also pauses it. Web History will remain off until you enable it again. (Via the EFF under Creative Commons.)

5. Then, sign up on the right to join the fight for Internet freedom. (After you sign up, we'll give you ways to share with your friends.)

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