Watch why voters decided to #SwitchToWarren

As Elizabeth Warren crisscrosses the country, millions of Americans are learning that she would be both the most inspiring president and the most electable candidate against Trump.

If you were undecided or previously supported another candidate but now support Elizabeth Warren -- or at least have her in your top 3 -- fill out the form on this page to share your story. 

We're sharing these testimonials on social media and with reporters to illustrate the growing support for Warren. Here are stories from voters who switched to Warren at least in part because of what they saw in the debate:

Deborah D. of Inkster, Michigan: Deborah's previous top choice for president was Joe Biden, but she says Warren is now vying for that spot after "she came on strong tonight at the debate." She believes that Warren would "Knock Trump out of the ballpark."

David M. of Tampa, Florida: David switched from supporting Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren in the last few weeks, and says the debate last night (June 26th) helped him lock in that choice. He says, "Biden seems old school political with no concrete values," and is impressed by Warren's "Realistic pathway to a modern, fair economy."

Joe P. of San Diego, California: Joe switched from supporting Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren after watching last night's debate. The issue that Joe cares most about is Medicare for All. He says that last night, "She appeared presidential. I saw she had the maturity, experience, knowledge, determination and dedication to be a great President. I can see her in the office and see her making lots of positive changes. Things that will help people who have not been helped in a long time."

Jay T. of Wichita, Kansas: Jay switched from supporting Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren after watching last night's debate. He says that the most important issue for him is climate change and what candidates are willing to do to take on this urgent crisis.

Messiah B. of Denison, Texas: Messiah switched from supporting Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren after watching last night's debate - Warren's answer on single payer was the "game changer." Messiah says, "What excites me is that she makes the case for her policies. She doesn't leave a vacuum for Republicans to fill to move public sentiment."

Pam P. of Louisville, Kentucky: Pam traveled with Elizabeth Warren to the Homestead detention center yesterday, and although Pam remains undecided, she says Warren has recently become one of her top choices. “I caught her on a CNN town hall and I was absolutely transfixed by her ideas, her energy, and her optimism. That you can get things done and you can make a difference. I think that's a jolt that all of America needs right now.”

And here are videos of voters who switched to Warren after seeing her in town halls:

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